FOREST, my Reversi program

FOREST is a Reversi program which dates back to 1978. Initially, it was written in an obscure teaching language and was laboriously running on the mini-computer at my school. Though it has improved greatly over time, it is still based on the same principles and algorithms as the original version. The program's name, FOREST, is due to the large number of trees it conceals.

Copyright© 1994-2000 Olivier Casile

Main functions of FOREST:

  • playing against the computer or between human players
  • 5 playing levels, from beginner to master
  • assistance and computer hints
  • save and restore game
  • import games from IOS and VOG
  • exchange roles
  • choice of the opening
  • large opening library
  • game library, with tournaments and tree display
  • game study mode
  • background analysis
  • graphic display of analysis results
  • contextual help
  • complete online help, including game rules and strategy
  • English and French languages

Download FOREST
(1.9 Mb)

Forest board

The following file contains a big opening library for Forest, which, when unzipped and put in the Forest installation directory in place of the original Forest.lib file, significantly improves Forest's strength... (2.4 Mb)

FOREST requires a PC compatible computer, with a Pentium class or better processor, 32 Mb of RAM or more, a mouse, and running the Microsoft® Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 operating systems.

This freeware version of FOREST can be freely distributed. It is fully functional but doesn't offer the tournament level, which is for competition only.

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